Target Housing is a charity and registered social landlord. Over the past 25 years we have shown that stable accommodation and support can help transform lives and empower people to achieve independence.

Latest News

Christmas Jumper Charity Donations

Over the Christmas period Target staff wore their best Christmas jumper in order to raise money for charity. Money was raised for charities across Yorkshire and the Humber and everyone had a great time getting into the festive spirit!

Target takes part in Radio 4's Christmas Appeal!

The St Martins BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal aims to raise money to help homeless people receive shelter, food and specialist support. As a partner of St Martins and the Frontline Network, Target is able to support individuals through the grants we receive as a partner of St Martins and the Frontline Network which enable us to provide that extra support many desperately need.

Case Study - Tina

Tina suffered many years of abusive relationships resulting in physical injury and severe mental health issues. As a result she developed a drug dependency and, after committing an offence to fund her addiction, found herself in the criminal justice system. Consequently she lost custody of her two children and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. When Tina moved into Target accommodation she was struggling with her mental health, partly due to losing custody of her children and also as a result of the abuse she experienced for many years for which she had never received any support. However, she had been abstinent from drugs for over a year and had rebuilt a positive relationship with her mother who was now the guardian of her children. In order to reach her goal of independent living and regain full custody of her children, Tina engaged with all support available to her. Her Target support worker helped her access mental health and domestic abuse services and she attended the Crisis Renting Ready course, for which she achieved the final accreditation. She also spent every weekend with her two children helping them with homework and rebuilding her relationship with them.