Environmental Commitment

Target is committed to reducing our carbon footprint across all our properties and our offices. We have been working on reducing our carbon footprint in numerous ways for several years however, we are committed to taking bigger steps to reduce our emissions.

We have made a dedication to become a paperless organisation by 2024 and in 2023 we partnered with Auditel to ensure we are doing all we can do to help the environment.

Our CEO Steve Crane had this to stay:

“Target is committed to delivering current and future residents with sustainable homes supported by responsible business practices. We aim to transition away from gas to lower carbon alternatives and improve the energy efficiency of our homes and offices.

Target believes health and wellbeing are improved by living in a warmer home. Our transition to lower carbon alternatives will have a positive impact for Target customers who will find it easier to keep warm in winter and avoid the risk of falling into fuel poverty.”

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