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Our Aim is:
To provide a flexible needs-led service which enables people to maintain individual levels of independence and lifestyles with high standards of support and assistance as required.


  • To work in partnership with people together with their relatives, carers and others to ensure support is delivered in flexible ways that recognise and respond to individual, social, cultural, spiritual and emotional needs.
  • To assist and encourage people to exercise their rights to privacy, dignity, independence, security, choice and to preserve their rights as citizens.
  • To assist and encourage people to retain and extend control over their own life and remain as independent as possible.
  • This may involve some positive risk taking and, whilst we are unable to provide havens of total safety, the service will ensure any risks identified will be managed and kept to a minimum and in keeping with the persons wishes and preferences beyond simply, their assessed ‘needs’.

Service Provision
The service provides support to adults with a mental illness who have been individually assessed by a qualified Social Worker, Nurse or OT as needing such services. This support is built around the person in keeping with their assessed needs flexibly in keeping with their preferences, wishes and aspirations and delivered to them within their own homes.

Care and Support
Our service caters for adults who because of a mental illness require enhanced care and support. The age range will be 18-65.
We provide a bespoke and individualised support offer according to the person’s assessment and agreed care and support plans which have been developed in partnership with the person and any close relatives or supporters (if the person wishes). These will be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain an accurate reflection of the care and support needed is being delivered. We provide support in a person-centred and respectful way, mindful at all times of the persons’ dignity, choice, privacy and rights. We ensure that colleagues providing the support are appropriately recruited, trained, competent and supervised. Our support may vary from actual physical assistance, and/or by encouraging, facilitating or reminding the person to undertake.  This may include;

  • Prompting / assisting with personal hygiene
  • Prompting / administering medications
  • Assisted mobility
  • Assistance with shopping and meal planning and preparation
  • Accompanied outings and assisting to reconnect with the local community
  • Assisting carers to have break
  • Practical and Emotional Support
  • Support to access to employment and education opportunities
  • Accessing health appointments
  • Accessing activities, groups and events
Referral Process
Contact Details

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