Target takes part in Radio 4’s Christmas Appeal!

November 23, 2017


The St Martins BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal aims to raise money to help homeless people receive shelter, food and specialist support. Over its long and illustrious history millions of pounds have been raised and thousands have regularly tuned in to listen to the annual appeal given by the Vicar of St Martin’s. Its continued presence on the airwaves has made it a much loved tradition and a favourite among many.

The money raised supports people through The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields and across the UK through the Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF) and the Frontline Network.

As a partner of St Martins and the Frontline Network, Target is able to support individuals by submitting and accessing grants in an attempt to help secure accommodation, purchasing essential furniture, starter packs, securing photo ID and much more. The grants we receive as a partner of St Martins and the Frontline Network enable us to provide that extra support many desperately need.

Just like one of Target Housing’s Support workers Sam and his client, Kerry, found out. They have been lucky enough to feature on the BBC Radio Appeal whereby they both discuss their experiences of the Christmas Appeal and go into detail as to how their application has helped secure Kerry long term accommodation.

The Christmas appeal will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Sam and Kerry will feature on the following days and times;

03/12/2017 9.45am

03/12/2017 5.40pm

08/12/2017 3.45pm

As the St Martin’s Christmas Appeal enters its ninetieth year the work of the Appeal still remains vital and central to so many. It is a hope of many that one day the most vulnerable members of society will not have to rely on the spasmodic kindness of strangers, however until that day arrives the St Martin’s Christmas Appeal will be there to help those in need.

For more information on the Christmas Appeal and how you can help;

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