Target MHLD project has a new name- LIFT!

May 17, 2024

Our Target MHLD project has a new name!

As we further become a psychologically informed environment (PIE) and trauma informed care (TIC) organisation, our aim is to reduce the stigma experienced by the people we support by moving away from services being named after  a client group ‘label’ and more towards a name which describes the aspirations of the service.

We recently held an event at the Broomhall community hall in which 24 people attended including a mix of staff, those we support and stakeholders.

The event included a feedback session incorporating what we are doing well, and what they would like to do more off.  This feedback informed our activities programme for the coming year which includes days trips and more art therapy.

The event included an art therapy session with Jennifer Elson (a South Yorkshire based artist) to create ‘a sunny shoreline’ and a session with psychologist Sam Chu on managing stressors and developing coping techniques.

The new project name was chosen together with the people we support and stakeholders through identifying the name that best suits the services aims and objectives from a series of suggestions. LIFT was the new name that was chosen an acronym for Let Individual Flourish Together.



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