Target Celebrates National Diversity Award

September 12, 2016

Target Housing has retained its Investors in Diversity standard for the third year running.

The annual accreditation, awarded by the National Centre for Diversity, is based on an online survey of stakeholders, partners and staff. Around two thirds of permanent staff took part in the survey and Target scored highly on every strand. The charity has been in existence for more than 25 years and works with vulnerable people in South Yorkshire, Humberside and the North Midlands.

In a detailed report, the National Centre for Diversity said Target had a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion across all its functions. It added: ‘The Investors in Diversity approach looks beyond policies and procedures. It looks at the character of the organisation and the principles of the staff, as well as behaviours, conduct, attitudes and beliefs.

‘Having collated and analysed the information and feedback from the different types of stakeholders, it is our conclusion that there are many aspects of work around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion that Target Housing does well.’

Target CEO Shaun Needham said he was especially pleased with the positive response from tenants, many of whom felt that Target was a learning organisation, adaptable and responsive to diverse needs.

He added: ‘We pride ourselves on treating everyone fairly and with respect whether they work for us, partner us or are supported by our dedicated staff team. Discrimination has no place within Target and we work hard to challenge stereotypes and overcome disadvantage. Everyone who took part in the survey has given us feedback that will help us build on this fantastic achievement.’

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