Rotherham Children’s Festival

March 9, 2017


Target Housing has been awarded £45,000 for a three year festival of activities for young people in Rotherham.

The Together As One project, to be launched this spring, has been funded by BBC Children in Need. It will boost the health, confidence and life skills of young people from areas such as Eastwood, Canklow, Masborough and Eastdene.

Activities  including games, art, cooking sessions and talent shows will take place on a weekly basis. Young people will be included in decision-making, and will be given the chance to lead a small project of their own.

A spokesperson for Target Housing said: ‘We very much welcome this funding from Children in Need which will encourage young people to have fun while developing their confidence and learning some important life skills such as cooking, nutrition, budgeting and care for themselves and their homes.

‘All children, whatever their background, should have a chance to lead healthy lives, fulfil their potential and contribute positively to their communities. Most importantly, we want these children to know the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile for its own sake ’

Participation is open to up to 25 young people aged 5-18. All activities including an annual trip and celebration day will be free of charge.

Details will be announced shortly.

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