Our 30th Birthday!

September 16, 2020


This year Target turned 30, over our 30 years we have had many high milestones and achievements, and our organisation had continued to grow from humble beginnings to where we are now in 2020 with over a hundred members of staff giving support to over 2000 individuals at any one time. Targets CEO Shaun Needham reflected on Target at 30 and had this to share;

“As I sit here thinking about Target Housing at 30 I cannot help but smile at the irony that Target gets to 30, an event to really celebrate, at exactly the time the world is in a period of such uncertainty and upheaval. Target like so many small charities was born out of really strong desire to do the right thing to address the housing needs of ex offenders in Sheffield at a time when there was very little housing and support available to them. But to get to 30 has taken a great deal of both dedicated and skilled key working combined with management that looks for opportunity and continuous improvement. It is a simple fact that for the vast majority of Target’s 30 years, despite the brilliant work done at all levels it was one the knife edge of survival; losing its Sheffield contract would have seen it gone ! it operated in a world of uncertainty and upheaval. Target’s history tells that it started with a loan of £600 from Grace Tebbutt charity to cover its incorporation costs; sadly Grace Tebbutt charity (like so many others) no longer exists and that £600 loan has grown with Target into a multimillion pound charity employing over 120 staff and giving support to over 2000 individuals at any one time. Whilst our first Director/CEO Eileen Slack would be staggered at the size and complexity of Target at 30 I am proud to think she would instantly recognise its ethos and drive to make a difference as the very same values that stated Target 30 years ago.”

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