COVID-19 Update

March 26, 2020

25TH March 2020

This briefing will cover the steps we have taken to ensure we continue to support our customers whilst taking every step to protect our employees, customers and comply with our social responsibility to reduce and slow down the virus COVID-19.


A Response Group was immediately set up consisting of available senior staff, with experience in different departments within Target Housing.

A business continuity plan was developed and along with government guidance this was used to guide our decisions.

The response group met each day to discuss further guidance from the government and amend our day to day operations to avoid less face to face support other than crisis or crisis prevention. All none COVID-19 meetings were cancelled and offices were closed to none staff unless arranged and agreed by service managers. We used skeleton staffing in the office to direct other members of staff working from home and in the community.

On Monday 23rd March 2020 we closed our offices following further announcement from the government.

Our Services and customers

Target Housing deliver services that can not close due to the support needs of our customers. All our customers have been given clear advice on how their support will temporarily change during this period and how and when we will respond to them in a crisis. This was communicated verbally by telephone and reinforced with letters to each customer.

All customers have been given advice on self isolating and symptoms .

Many of our customers have multiple and complex needs and this cohort is without doubt our biggest challenge, with many of them continuing to congregate and use substances. Target Housing will work with commissioners, stakeholders and partners to find a solution to working with this particularly challenging group.

 Current Working Arrangements

  • We have the IT infrastructure to allow homeworking or working in the community.
  • Central operations are all working from home
  • Service/Team Mangers are working from home , in constant contact with their Team
  • Office phones are being redirected to Service Managers and admin support (also home working) mobile phones.
  • Team Leaders and Housing support Workers are working from home calling clients to check and where required offer telephone support to customers. Crisis situations are identified and with guidance from Service Managers welfare checks are arranged.
  • Food parcels are delivered to those in need.
  • Turn around teams are delivering essential none food items from our stock.(stock levels are being monitored )
  • Maintenance teams are responding to priority essential cases only

Target Housing are committed to continuing to support our customers  and to work with partners.


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