Black History Month

November 2, 2017

Target has been supporting and taking part in Black History month across Rotherham. The celebration which runs through October is a chance to celebrate the success of Black history and culture.


Representatives from Target attended Black History month activities at REMA where workshops and activities were put on for the public to enjoy. Music, dancing, performances, food from around the world, stalls and networking were just a number of activities available for the community to get involved with.



The celebrations continued with an Africa in Rotherham event hosted at Rotherham Town Hall. The event organised by our partners Mamma Africa and Young Minds Together was a huge success. Stalls, African food, performances and the chance to learn drums were a few of the celebrations for people to participate in. Feedback from those who attended included;

“The children of all ages got involved both participating and organising. The venue is fantastic and I like that the Mayor of the City supported by attending the event, allowing kids to come into the house and presenting their acts!!”
“Interesting, educational and friendly. Thanks for putting this event on”
“I loved the involvement of children getting to know about their African culture and mixing with other people”

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