Art & Holistic Therapies

Art Therapy

participant-inspired-by-flowers-finishes-her-design-using-under-glaze-pencilTarget offers a wide range of professional art sessions to promote self-reflection and relaxation and challenge negative self-perception.

Over time this can help service users to tackle self-destructive behaviour, communicate more positively with others and feel part of their wider communities.

With generous funding from the Arts Council, we are able offer a wide-ranging programme of art therapy including ceramics and casting to help address complex needs and tackle the issues our service users face in their daily lives.

Holistic Therapy

refining-clay-in-a-mouldTarget uses holistic therapy as a catalyst for changing behaviour and embedding positive models of living, replacing self-destructive activities with calming, positive, beneficial engagement.

Therapies funded by the Big Lottery’s Awards for All programme include CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) as well as reiki, shiatsu, counselling, coaching and mentoring using ‘whole person’ models of engagement and support.

wk-2-bowl-after-glaze-firingWe appoint recognised therapists and implement IRPs (individual recovery plans) for all beneficiaries, many of whom report sustained periods of abstinence from substance and alcohol abuse, desistance from petty crime and general improvement in mood, health and wellbeing.

‘I feel happier than I have in years and am looking towards the future for the first time. I feel I can change and live a healthier life thanks to the relaxation therapy’ L.H.

Holistic Therapy Testimonial

a-biscuit-fired-piece-ready-for-glazingMrs S had been subjected to domestic violence and emotional abuse for 25 years. Although she had been offered counselling she could not physically speak to anyone about her experiences. She was happy to go ahead with reiki as it does not need any particular engagement from the client. After the session she described feeling lighter and having more positive thoughts about the future. She could physically feel the trauma releasing. ‘It was like a weight being lifted off me.’ The sessions enabled Mrs S to overcome some of her anxiety which enabled her to talk about her experiences for the first time. She added: ‘I have been out of the house on my own without fear for the first time in 20 years without thinking he is going to come back and attack me again.’

big-lottery-logoFor more information about art therapy and holistic therapy at Target Housing, email Asha Hallam at