Canklow Arts and Craft Therapies

Target Housing has partnered with Casting Innovations to develop a creative craft space in the heart of the Canklow Community. Our local art and craft space is a multi award winning facility where people of all ages and experiences can gather in a safe environment to make and design their own individual pieces of artwork. Classes run Monday to Friday from 9 am- 5 pm on a pay as you go basis.

If interested please get in touch and we can personalise a course.

We currently hold classes that cater to;

– Young People

– Individuals and groups with learning disabilities

– Individuals and groups with mental health issues

– Local Schools and family bookings, parties and special interest groups


Metal Crafting

Our metal crafting sessions- run Monday to Friday- are led by experienced team leaders who will guide participants through unique metal crafting work. No experience is required for those wanting to attend as the teacher will take them through designing and creating unique pieces of art work.

“I always look forward to coming. I have met lots of new people and learned new skills.”


We hold ceramic classes at our Canklow community center. Classes consist of clay moulding, firing and glazing, attendees have the opportunity to create and design their own pieces as well as create themed and specialist pieces. Attendees will be taught by an experienced ceramics teacher, where they have the opportunity to develop their skills leaning the basics of ceramics moving towards more advanced skills.


As well as metal work and ceramics we also offer the chance to get involved in woodworking classes, jewelry making, multi- media classes such as tile painting, wire shaping, 3D printing and many more.



As well as the classes we already offer we can arrange a bespoke package to suit your needs. We will personalise courses for you designed and tailored to suit your needs. If you would like us to personalise a course for you please get in touch and let us know your preferences.

Contact Us

Contact us for prices and availability.


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Facebook: @CastingInnovations or @TargetHousing

Location: Canklow Rd, Rotherham S60 2JH