Volunteering and Mentoring

We are looking to build volunteering opportunities at project level. If you are interesting in volunteering with us please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator (Monday to Wednesday);

Email: Asha.Hallam@targetsheffield.org.uk

Telephone: 0114 2496575

“I have chosen to do a volunteering placement at TASC to help me on my future career path. I am aiming to go into the probation service sector, and working alongside the clients at TASC is giving me opportunity to connect with vulnerable people and also give me the chance to gain experience which will benefit me when applying for my desired job role.

So far I have worked with the Volunteer Coordinator, who has shown me around the workplace and gave me an insight to what her job role is. We have our own room in the building, which is equipped with laptops and a kitchen so we thought it would be great to run a drop-in on a Tuesday morning to give clients a chance to come in for a chat and a coffee and to see if we had any opportunities/activities they would be interested in attending. We have also gone down to other organisations to get a feel of the place while their activities are running which I enjoyed because I have never been to anything like that before! I have been out with a housing officer for a full day, shadowing their appointments and meeting clients and getting to know how the role works. I found this great, I was able to ask questions and felt I could even see myself working as a housing officer one day. One of the service users I visited has even paid myself and Asha a visit and is interested in volunteering to support and advise fathers going through family change as he felt this was a similar dynamic to his own situation, so we are making contact with him and sorting that out for him.

Overall, my time so far at TASC has been brilliant. I have been made to feel extremely comfortable and everyone is really friendly and polite, so I am looking forward to what the rest of the summer has in store!”