South Yorkshire Project

The South Yorkshire Project at Target Housing currently consists of 3 separate and very different projects in Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster. All projects are providing accommodation for vulnerable adults and families who have either become homeless or have previously struggled to maintain a tenancy and require support to succeed.

In Sheffield, the South Yorkshire Project are working in partnership with IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Service) to provide emergency temporary accommodation to people fleeing from domestic abuse. The service is aimed at supporting GBT+ (gay, bisexual, trans, and all minority sexual and gender identities) male victims of domestic abuse as well as single women who have multiple and complex needs and for whom Sheffield’s refuges would not be suitable. Prior to this project Sheffield did not have any specialist safe accommodation for male victims of domestic abuse and as a result they were housed in generic hostels or private rented accommodation that did not meet their needs.  While Sheffield’s refuges meet the needs of most women and children fleeing abuse it was highlighted that there is a proportion of women with multiple and complex needs that are not suitable for these refuges, creating a need for this partnership.  Target’s role is to provide secure dispersed accommodation and housing support to tenants whilst working in partnership with IDAS whose role it is to provide specialist DA support. There are currently 18 properties with the potential to expand to 25.

Similar to Sheffield, in Rotherham, we are working with Rotherham Rise, a support service for adults and children who have been affected by domestic abuse, to provide emergency temporary accommodation for domestic abuse survivors. The funding is initially for 6 properties. Target staff will support tenants with housing management and tenancy support whilst Rotherham Rise has a designated worker in post to provide specialist domestic abuse support. Target and Rotherham rise will work together to support the clients to move into permanent accommodation.

In Doncaster we have partnered with Doncaster MBC to provide the Housing First initiative. Target will be providing dispersed single accommodation to clients within the complex lives cohort in Doncaster. Housing First is an evidence-based approach to successfully supporting homeless people with high needs and histories of entrenched rough sleeping to live in their own homes. It has been widely adopted across the US and is central to national homelessness strategies in Canada, Denmark, Finland, and France. It is also growing in popularity in the UK with successful Housing First Pilots operating in Newcastle, London, the Midlands, Greater Manchester, Wales and Scotland. In this initiative there are no conditions around ‘housing readiness’ before providing someone with a home. Instead, housing is viewed as a stable platform from which other complex issues can be addressed. Therefore housing is viewed as a right rather than a reward. The Complex Lives Alliance in Doncaster is a partnership of agencies working together to deliver a highly integrated approach to support for people who have become locked in a cycle of homelessness, rough sleeping, addiction, offending behaviour and poor mental and physical health. The complex lives alliance provides wrap around support to those identified for the Housing First project. Targets role is to work proactively with identified complex lives customers to discuss their housing preferences and requirements in order to procure a property suitable for them. Once the property is procured Target ensures its customers that their housing is not conditional on engaging with support however target and Complex Lives will work together to keep in contact with customers during periods of rough sleeping and will work together to reengage the customer on a rapid rehousing basis should engagement stop. There is no time limit on the support or the tenancy and if tenants succeed they can work towards a general needs tenancy with the support of Target Housing and the Complex Lives tea