My Story

John moved into a Thrive property when we first set up in 2021 after living on the streets for over 10 years. He had no recourse to public funds as he was a ‘failed’ asylum seeker. He has a brain injury and is extremely vulnerable, it became clear early on that John did not have the skills to live independently as a result of his Mental Health and brain injury. Due to the dedication of the Thrive team and the hard work put in by the maintenance team to keep the property in a decent state of repair John managed the tenancy for 2 years.

John has just moved into a 24-hour mental health unit, he has received leave to remain and is in receipt of benefits. The road hasn’t been an easy one and staff, particularly Amy, Mel, Gem and Sarah have had to fight for John.

Thrive manager Sarah had this to say; “I am extremely proud of what they have achieved, and I am even more overwhelmed for John who has his been a character throughout all of this”.

*All names have been changed

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