Frontline Network Event 18/02/2019

On Monday 18th February we hosted our 10th Networking Event. This event took a different approach than the previous ones where by the event did not have a specific theme, it was a chance for organisations from the area to present and showcase their services and what they do. This was an opportunity for frontline workers to get to know more about what is on offer in South Yorkshire. Held at the Unity Centre in Rotherham, representatives from a range of organisations across South Yorkshire and the Humber attended the event to network, hear presenters and get to know more about organisations in the area.

Target and St Martins partnership officer Sirea Jabar opened the event discussing Target and the Frontline Network. Sirea discussed how the Frontline Network exists to harness the ideas, energy and experience of those at the frontline working with homeless and vulnerably housed people.

We then heard from speakers from the following organisations;

Andrew Hawksworth from Sheffield City Council describing the councils Rough Sleeper initiative.

Presenter Sarah McGregor from DePaul was next to speak, explaining all the services DePaul offers

Jim Oakes from MCVC presented the charities services to the group.

Speaker Joni Nash from Addaction spoke to colleagues about the organisation and everything they offer

The last presenter of the day was Ashiana’s Melanie Horstead who like the other speakers outlined her organisation and it;s services.

The event ended with a workshop and a light lunch.