A Day in the Life of a Target Staff Member

The day started with a visit to the office to print off occupancy agreement documents for a re-location that was planned for the morning. After printing the documents and filling them in, I received a call from our transport department advising me that the service user would be ready to go to their new home around 9.30 am. I made my way to their current home and helped to pack their things into the van. We all made our way to the new property and unloaded the van. Transport departed and I stayed and completed the occupancy agreement with the service user. I ensured all was fine with the property and the service user was happy, which she was. We discussed the progress of the school transfer for her daughter, which we had started a few days previously. We completed GP forms and I sent her the location of the GP Surgery where she would take them later that day. I had already enrolled the service user at college to do ESOL classes and she was so happy that the college, the GP Surgery and the park was so close to her new home. The service user has my number and agreed to call me if she had any questions or concerns.

I then returned to the office where I scanned the documents onto the z drive so they can be sent over to Mears. I then went to visit a service user who had received a positive decision from the home office to discuss his next steps. We used an interpreter on the phone who helped us to have a conversation about his plans for the future and what support he needed with moving on.

My next job was to contact school admissions for another family whose children were awaiting places in a local school. I liaised with the admissions team and they were offered places at their preferred school. I called the services users to let them know and they were very happy. A meeting was arranged with the family and the school Headteacher for the following week.

I finished the day with inspections. I visited a house of multiple occupancy housing 3 service users. During the inspection we are ensuring that the house is in good condition and to report any problems there may be. I checked the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working correctly, the gas and electricity meters and the overall condition of the property. This property had developed a leak in the plumbing which I reported and was booked in for repair the following day. Whilst at the property I chatted with the service users living there and checked they were okay, which they were.

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